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Here is a list of the services that STS provides. If you are in need any of the following please feel free to email STS.

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Project Development

Consults, organizes and helps you prepare a scope for your project.

Site Construction

Cut/Fill the site to form the basic shape and slope of your field. This process is also called rough grading.

Laser Grading

Contours the field to ensure a consistent surface that drains quickly and helps prevent rainouts. STS can hold a grade tolerance up to +- ¼” of desired elevations to ensure positive surface drainage.


Installation of 42” big roll sod as well as Bermuda sprigs.

Drainage Systems

Collects surface water during heavy rains, allowing fields to drain quickly with minimal damage and play interruption.

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Irrigation Systems

Irrigation systems designed and installed to your specific field needs or upgrades to existing systems.

Rootzone Construction

Native soil, modified soils and sand based mixes. Based upon budget and field expectations we will assist you in selecting the right rootzone for your needs.

Infield Mixes

Specialized mixes with specific sand, silt and clay to fit field needs. Field conditioners, warning track and mound clay also available.


Topdressing, aeration, over seeding, weed control and fertilization.

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Topdress Leveling

Importing of sand across an existing surface and manually grade the sand across the surface. This process allows us to target slight undulations in your surface and slightly raise them allowing the turf to grow up into the filled areas ultimately giving your field a much smoother surface.

Artificial Turf Fields

STS will handle site excavation, drainage system and stone installation, and provide consultation during the process of turf and infill system selection and installation.

Artificial Turf Halos

Installation of turf halos around your home plate circle and hips of your baseball/softball fields. STS also places customized team logos into the turf.

STS has financing available for many of the services that we provide. If you are in need of our services, but just can’t get the funds together, please ask about the different financing options available.